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Haney grupp nyckelordstaggen 85258080733: Hur man handskas med online-hot - allvoices

How to deal with online threats: scams, illegal content and abuse

Det uppskattas att UK konsumenterna förlorat mer än 400 miljoner pund till online bedragare i 2012, via 250.000 phishing-attacker. Denna siffra ger från RSA bedrägeribekämpning Command Center, Storbritannien den föga avundsvärda titeln på de flesta phished land på jorden; för första gången var mer pengar förlorade här online bedrägerier än i USA. Den representerar också en ökning med 25% på bedrägeri siffran för 2011.

De falska antivirus bedrägerier du antas att ingen skulle luras av någon mer förbli otroligt lönsamt – förra året, 30 miljoner pund var lurad från konsumenter som använder dessa scareware bedrägerier ensam. Det är mycket bra för typer av IT-säkerhet att banka på om hur viktigt det är att skydda ditt nätverk, enheter och data, men lurendrejare har en talang för att komma runt sådana åtgärder genom att sikta direkt på den svagaste punkten – du.

Jag har skrivit här om social ingenjörskonst sedan långt innan Kevin Mitnick författade sin nyskapande konfessionella The Art of Deception 2002. Människor är lurade online hela tiden, och är allt mer sannolikt att hamna som offer. Detta började jag tänka – vad händer efter att hästen skenat? Vad bör du göra om du är lurad, plats en phisher eller hitta barnporr online?

Friday, 12 July 2013

14 Dangerous Emails That Could Be in Your Inbox

It's ubiquitous -- "Dialing-For-Dollars" version 3.0: a gateway to irresistible deals; an antidote to loneliness; a pathway to riches (either earned or not); a vehicle for helping those victimized by man-made or natural disasters; a clarion of sensational news; a conduit for memories; the bearer of less than glad tidings from our bank, our boss or our friends at the IRS; and, the cyber pony-express for a cry for help from a friend or relative lost and "penniless" in a foreign land.
Once the little brother of the telephone, email is now an inescapable part of the communication fabric of our lives -- an important building block of our cyber DNA. And it is being attacked, and ultimately hijacked, repeatedly by those who want to be us so they can more effectively loot us, our families and friends.
Unlike Jesus and his Apostles, Ivan and his hordes of "phishermen" see us as fish and our personal data as their loaves.
The FBI reported an 8.3 percent rise in cybercrime last year. That's 290,000 incidents worth $525 million in financial losses to victims. The average take was $4,573.
For your amazement and unbridled reading pleasure, I've compiled an extensive -- though not complete -- list of dangerous emails containing the major phishing scams circulating right now…..

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Haney Group: China Pivots Toward Social, Environmental Concerns...

The Haney Group: China Pivots Toward Social, Environmental Concerns...: Source the haney group prcode 85258080733, China Pivots Toward Social, Environmental Concerns as Economy Cools China’s President Xi...

China Pivots Toward Social, Environmental Concerns as Economy Cools

the haney group prcode 85258080733, China Pivots Toward Social, Environmental Concerns as Economy Cools

China’s President Xi Jinping said officials shouldn’t be judged solely on their record in boosting gross domestic product, the latest signal that policy makers are prepared to tolerate slower economic expansion.

The Communist Party should instead place more importance on achievements in improving people’s livelihood, social development and environmental quality when evaluating the performance of officials, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday, citing Xi at a meeting on personnel management on the eve of the 92nd anniversary of the party’s founding.

Xi’s comments follow remarks he made last month that China won’t sacrifice the environment to ensure short-term growth, and take place as the world’s second-largest economy undergoes its worst cash crunch in at least a decade as the government seeks to wring speculative lending out of the banking system.

“Xi is further legitimizing the case for slower growth,” said Andy Mantel, chief executive of Pacific Sun Advisors, an asset manager in Hong Kong that invests in Chinese stocks.

“It is important to let local government officials know there is less importance of non-stop economic growth.

There will be less pressure for local government officials to pump up their economic growth forecasts.” China needs growth of about 7 percent to double per capita gross domestic product by 2020 from the level in 2010, Prime Minister Li Keqiang said on May 27 in Berlin after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his first trip abroad as premier.

That’s down from an average pace of 10.5 percent a year over the past decade, with growth driven by surging credit, government investment, and exports.

The credit crunch has increased chances that the government will miss its 7.5 percent annual target for economic growth this year, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Xi’s comments “reinforce our view” there is a 30 percent chance growth may slump below 7 percent in the third or fourth quarter, said Zhang Zhiwei, Nomura Holdings’ chief China economist in Hong Kong.

China’s banking regulator, in his first public comments since the country’s worst cash crunch in at least a decade, said Saturday the operations of its lenders won’t be disrupted because they’ve built up sufficient cash reserves.

Banks had about 1.5 trillion yuan ($244 billion) of cash reserves as of Friday that could be used for payment and settlement needs, more than double what is usually required, Shang Fulin, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said in a speech in Shanghai.

“The tight liquidity condition on the interbank market has been easing in the last few days,” Shang said at the annual Lujiazui financial conference. “This type of situation won’t affect the banking sector’s smooth operations.”

The cash crunch on the interbank market exposes “deficiencies” in commercial banks’ liquidity management and their business structures, Shang said.

The next phase of reform in the banking sector will focus on supporting the real economy and risk prevention, he said. The one-day repurchase rate touched a record 13.91 percent on June 20 before tumbling on signs targeted injections of funds were being used to ease the cash crunch.

The slowing pace of economic growth in China remains within a “reasonable” range and the economy is stable, People’s Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan told the same forum on Friday in his first comments since the cash crunch.

Zhou also sought to soothe concerns of a further deceleration of growth, saying he’s fully confident in China’s economic prospects and financial system. A recent review by the National Audit Office indicated that total local government direct and guaranteed debt may have risen 13 percent to 12.1 trillion yuan by the end of 2012 from the end of 2010, according to Moody’s Investors Service, citing its own calculations based on data in the auditor’s report that showed a 13 percent increase in the debts of a sample of 36 local authorities.

At the meeting Xi said the Communist Party’s departments should place integrity before capability when promoting officials and urged disciplinary violations and corruption be punished during official selection procedures, according to Xinhua. Cadres should be “true believers of Marxism,” exercise their power carefully and resist corruption, Xi said according to Xinhua.

“Xi’s speech includes a forward-looking recognition that obsessive emphasis on economic growth targets is obsolete and must now be balanced against vital environmental and social concerns,” said William Overholt, a senior research fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Haney Group, article code 85258080733 THG reviews: China gas distributors profitable as price controls slam PetroChina – Sourceforge

The mainland's natural gas sector is a tale of two industries: a downstream distribution business where operators are enjoying record profits thanks to rising gas demand and stable margins and an upstream supply trade whose profit has been seriously eroded by losses on contracts for long-term imports.

With Beijing dragging its feet on raising the price of gas, the sustainability of the situation whereby resource producers subsidise consumers is increasingly being questioned.

"While [industry regulator] National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) tries to encourage gas use in China, the gas [supply] chain is increasingly unstable," wrote analysts at American brokerage Sanford C. Bernstein. "The government may not like it, but either gas prices will need to rise or supply and consumption will slow."
To address worsening air pollution in major cities, Beijing wants to raise gas consumption by an average 16.4 per cent from 2012 levels to 230 billion cubic metres (bcm) by 2015.

If realised, it would raise the contribution of gas to total primary energy consumption to 7.5 per cent in 2015 from 4.6 per cent in 2011.

It would also cut carbon dioxide emissions by 520 million tonnes each year from 2011 to 2015 as less coal would be consumed, according to the 12th five-year plan.

This amounts to 6.1 per cent of the 8.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted by the mainland in 2011, according to estimates by the International Energy Agency, an intergovernmental policy adviser to 28 mostly developed nations.
Beijing has not lifted gas prices on a nationwide basis since mid-2010. It had been expected to do so last year but did not.
Gas imports have more than doubled from 17 bcm in 2010 to 36.6 bcm last year, an annual growth rate of 46.7 per cent. Mainland end-user prices remain at least 40 per cent below the usual levels in Asia, which have been closely linked to crude oil prices due to tight supply. Imports are expected to continue to rise rapidly, since state-backed oil and gas firms have signed contracts that will see imports hit 93.5 bcm in 2015, or 40 per cent of consumption, up from 25 per cent last 
year, according to the NDRC. Read more

the haney group,  article code 85258080733 THG reviews
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Penny Stocks: How to Investigate Them and Avoid the Traps

the haney group, Penny Stocks: How to Investigate Them and Avoid the Traps

Information is the investor's best tool when it comes to investing wisely. But accurate information about "microcap stocks" -- low-priced stocks issued by the smallest of companies, often called "penny stocks" -- may be difficult to find. Many microcap companies do not file financial reports with the SEC, so it's hard for investors to get the facts about the company's management, products, services, and finances. When reliable information is scarce, wrongdoers can easily spread false information about microcap companies, making profits while creating losses for unsuspecting investors.

This Financial Guide gives you the basics about microcap or "penny" stocks, discusses how to find information on them, and points out what "red flags" to watch out for.

Friday, 7 June 2013 Receives 2013 Tax & Accounting Innovation Award Honorable Mention

the haney group article code 85230150609THG, tax ad accounting fraud watch

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- At the 2013 Tax & Accounting Innovation Awards ceremony,, the creator and world's leading provider of secure audit confirmation services, received an honorable mention for its new AR/AP Confirmation service.
Up until now, auditors created accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) confirmation requests using some type of mail merge functionality and sent those out to responding entities by mail, email or some other delivery method with little or no ability to track responses or monitor for fraud. The AR/AP Confirmation service, the first of its kind, allows auditors to use one online tool to send and receive both electronic and mailed audit confirmations.
"This new service allows auditors to send AR/AP confirmations to more than 1,000 validated companies, and a majority of these are Fortune 1,000 companies," said Clark Hudgins, vice president of "The biggest time-saving feature is the ability to easily upload thousands of company addresses and invoice data from a spreadsheet. Our service then identifies which of the companies are validated responders in our system and allows the auditor to send audit confirmations electronically to the responding entities. Additionally, companies that are not validated in our system, the auditor can use our Out-of-Network service to send requests electronically or mail them using our Paper Fulfillment service."
"Given the difficulties auditors experience trying to get AR/AP confirmation responses, this new product offering was created specifically to transform the outdated mail-merge process into a much more efficient one," said Chris Schellhorn, CEO of "We are extremely honored to be recognized for our contribution in developing an innovative service for the accounting profession."
The Innovation Awards are sponsored by CPA Practice Advisor and honor new or recently enhanced technologies that benefit tax and accounting professionals and their clients through improved workflow, increased accessibility, enhanced collaboration or other means.
" revolutionized and streamlined the confirmation process when it comes to secure and reliable financial account verification," said Isaac M. O'Bannon, editor of CPA Practice Advisor. "We have recognized the addition of AR and AP confirmations during the 2013 Innovation Awards because this feature has greatly added to's value to auditors and investors, providing greater assurance in the validity of receivables and payables, while also dramatically increasing the speed with which audits can be completed."
Award winners are selected by CPA Practice Advisor's editorial board and awards committee, which include thought leaders and professionals from across the country. The publication, along with its digital content and interactive media, is the leading independent source of practice management resources and technology information for tax and accounting professionals in public practice.

About is the creator and world's leading provider of secure electronic audit confirmation services. It processes over $1 trillion in confirmation information annually for a majority of public companies, as well as private companies, non-profits and government agencies. In addition to its bank confirmation solution, the company provides solutions for more than 30 different types of audit confirmations including accounts receivable confirmations. is the Preferred Provider of Electronic Confirmations for the AICPA Trusted Business Advisor(TM) Solutions Program and is endorsed by the American Bankers Association. has also received numerous awards including being a multi-year alumnus on the Inc. 500 list for 2010 and 2011. Several hundred In-Network responding companies including all of the Top 10 banks in the U.S. and over 11,000 accounting firms in more than 100 countries trust for their audit confirmation needs. For more information, visit